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we care about what you learn, but we also care about you, your well being, and your life outside of class.

the university of st. francis encourages the establishment of lifestyle behaviors that promote healthy living patterns. educational programs and individual counseling and health services are provided in a manner consistent with our franciscan values of respect, service, integrity and compassion.

2020年欧洲杯赛程表all services are confidential, and release of confidential information may only be made with the written consent of the client.

Counseling Services

  • Location: Motherhouse C310
  • Hours: Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
  • After hour appointments available upon request.

Services Offered

counseling services are provided free of charge to currently enrolled usf students and are available to usf alumni for a fee of $45 per session. these services may be provided in person or via telehealth, as well as in an individual or group format depending on need and/or preference.

2020年欧洲杯赛程表counselors are available to assist with a range of concerns including, but not limited to:

  • Adjustment
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Self-esteem
  • Difficulty in family and social relationships
  • Stress
  • Life challenges and transitions
  • Grief and loss

2020年欧洲杯赛程表counseling center staff members are also available to provide consultation services, psycho-educational classroom presentations, and crisis management training workshops upon request throughout the academic year.

Counseling Center Staff

image of mary ann andrade bekker

MaryAnn Adrade-Bekker, Psy.D, LCPC
Director of Counseling & Wellness

2020年欧洲杯赛程表dr. mary ann andrade-bekker is a licensed clinical professional counselor who worked at st. francis for several years prior to her role as director of counseling & wellness. after earning her bachelor’s degree in psychology from usf in 2007, she attended the adler school of professional psychology and received her master of arts in counseling in 2010 and doctorate in clinical psychology in 2015.   

dr. bekker utilizes a holistic approach when working with clients and is engaged in social justice issues in the chicagoland area. she has experience conducting individual, couples, and group counseling sessions with children, adolescents, young adults, and the geriatric population. her clinical interests include depression, anxiety, grief, post-traumatic stress disorder, family and peer relationship issues, phase of life transitions, mindfulness, and incorporating a holistic approach of wellness with clients. dr. bekker practices from an adlerian and brief solution-focused approach, yet incorporates other modalities such as cognitive behavioral and humanistic practices in her work with clients. 

image of matthew caston

Matthew Caston, M.A., LPC, CTP
Professional Counselor

2020年欧洲杯赛程表as a counselor, matthew “matt” caston strives to meet people “where they’re at.” upon obtaining his master’s degree in clinical mental health counseling from lewis university, he has worked tirelessly to assist others with developing insight on different factors to their presenting issues. he often turns to dialectical behavioral theory to assist students with learning adaptive strategies to cope with life stressors. matthew also incorporates psychodynamic, emotion-focused, and motivational interviewing approaches to help process and alter ineffective patterns of behavior and cognition. 

in sessions, he looks to gauge his students’ level of insight regarding change, and offers skills coaching to process dynamics relating to emotion regulation and distress tolerance. mindfulness practice is another component matthew incorporates to help others recognize the importance of living in the present moment. in doing so, he hopes to validate their concerns & help facilitate changes that will guide them in reaching their potential. 

2020年欧洲杯赛程表matthew sees great value in those who come to counseling and are forthcoming about the issues that brings them in. his clinical interests involve anxiety, mood and personality disorders, grief/trauma, masculinity, multiculturalism, and relationship issues. clients experience him as warm and thoughtful, with a good sense of humor, and an ally in the tough moments. 

image of deanne merle

Deanne Merlo, Ed.D., LCPC
Clinical Mental Health Counselor

2020年欧洲杯赛程表dr. merlo received her master’s degree in community/clinical mental health counseling from governors state university in 2008. she returned to obtain her doctorate in counseling & supervision education in 2014. as an experienced clinician, she has worked in a variety of settings since entering the mental health field; having worked at usf for several years as a clinician. 

dr. merlo believes that psychological and emotional difficulties are contextual in nature and develop over time. from this perspective she works from a strength-based wellness approach rather than a symptom-focused medical model. dr. merlo utilizes an integrative approach, incorporating cognitive-behavioral, emotion-focused, and family-systems approaches to assist her clients in developing and achieving their goals and maintaining balance in their lives.

 Considering Counseling?

the following information is provided to help you gain a better understanding of what to expect and what not to expect when you decide to make the courageous decision to give counseling a try. 

At times, students referred to our office feel as if they have been forced to come to counseling by parents or other concerned parties and are “unwilling participants.” Although we believe counseling can help anyone, you cannot grow or heal if you do not come in on your own accord. If you feel coerced into attending counseling, express your discomfort to your counselor and we can talk about it—please do not hold in your reluctance!

YOU will fix you. Our job is to “help you help yourself.” The goal of counseling is to empower you with ways to deal with life issues, learn about triggers, unhelpful patterns, and build resiliency, so you can thrive rather than survive—and become your best you.

it’s likely you will feel much better after meeting with a counselor, but the journey requires you to be brave and fearless. depending on what brought you in to counseling, it may be important to recall memories and experiences or change a behavioral style which can be trying, upsetting, even overwhelming. being in counseling helps you feel better, but it’s beneficial to know that the journey can sometimes be bumpy. if you stick with and embrace the process, it’s likely you will be amazed with the end results!

2020年欧洲杯赛程表change does not happen overnight. nor does the development of insight or replacing old behaviors with new ones. it takes time and collaboration with your counselor to develop and work towards practical and realistic goals that are specific to your needs. as time progresses, you can review these targeted goals and redefine them if necessary.

Like a friend or family member, a counselor is a friendly, caring, interested person to talk to when you are experiencing life’s difficulties. Unlike a friend or family member, your counselor has been extensively trained to listen not only with the intent to understand and provide empathic support, but also with the goal to identify, explore, and clarify the experiences that negatively affect your wellbeing. Active listening and follow up questions assist your counselor in applying appropriate theory and techniques specific to your needs and goals. In addition, your counselor’s clinical objectivity, allows you to receive a balanced, unbiased frame of reference— something that often is blurred in other relationships.

It takes time to get to know and trust your counselor, but sometimes personality differences, lack of connection, or other factors may be an indication of a “mismatch.” If this happens, it may be difficult for you to feel comfortable talking about personal issues and to feel safe letting go of fears or trying out new behaviors. If you don’t feel comfortable, it’s perfectly fine to request a different counselor. You will NOT2020年欧洲杯赛程表 be hurting your counselor’s feelings—we want the best for you and realize we cannot be everyone’s ‘cup of java.” We have a variety of counselors with unique styles available to meet with you and assist you in your positive growth and development.

How to Make an Appointment

there are two ways to schedule an appointment for in-person or telehealth services:

2020年欧洲杯赛程表please note that a counselor will reach out to you in 24 hours to schedule an appointment. counselors check their emails during business hours monday-friday from 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

Groups and Workshops
  • DBT Skills Group 
  • Grief/Loss Group 
  • Students of Color Group 
  • Coping with COVID group
  • Mindfulness workshop
  • Masculinity workshop
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Test Anxiety Workshop

In Case of Crisis

  • In the event of immediate psychological or emotional emergency, contact the on-call crisis counselor at 815-278-2235.
  • In the case of a physical harm or threat emergency, contact the USF Safety & Security Department 815-740-3200.
  • If you are experiencing a life-threatening emergency, call 911.


Wellness Center

  • Tower Hall S213 | 815-740-3399
  • Open 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday.
  • Walk-ins welcome, scheduled appointments are preferred.

If you are experiencing an emergency, call 911 or go to your nearest hospital. For other medical needs or health circumstances, you are invited to visit the Wellness Center, where a registered nurse provides basic medical services for students and makes referrals to other health care providers/agencies when necessary.

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Additional Information

How to submit Medical Records

we make it easy to submit your medical health records! you can either use your phone’s camera scanner application or your own scanner.

here are the steps to submit your records:

  1. Take a picture of the document(s) and save it – please make sure the image is clear.
  2. Log-in to your and type “Submit Medical Records” in the Search bar. Click “Choose Files,” and select your document(s).
  3. Upload your file(s). It must be JPG, PNG, TIFF, or PDF format.
  4. Call the Wellness Center at 815-740-3399 if you have difficulty uploading or obtaining your medical records.

What to do in the event of an illness or injury?

  • Student Athletes
  • Click here to find out more about returning to campus following a mental health or medical evaluation/hospitalization.USF Accidental Insurance is available for Joliet on-campus, commuter and international students and student athletes registered for 12 or more credit hours. (Exclusions: online students, graduate students and part-time students.) For additional information or to schedule an appointment call 815-740-3399

All traditional, undergraduate students and international students are automatically enrolled for USF health insurance every year. Students can view/print detailed policy information and an insurance card from the website . While graduate students are not automatically enrolled, they are able to purchase student insurance upon request. Insurance brochures are available at the Wellness Center located on the second floor of Tower Hall, Room S213.

international students do have the option of waving the usf student health insurance, but your submitted insurance plan will be reviewed by our student health insurance provider (wellfleet) to make sure that the plan meets the minimum requirements. if the request is denied, wellfleet will follow up with you on how to request additions to your submitted plan for re-submission in the waiver process.

2020年欧洲杯赛程表if you are a domestic traditional undergraduate and do not require usf insurance, you may waive it by completing an online insurance waiver form.

this process must be completed every year to avoid school insurance charges. reminders will be sent to usf student emails prior to the deadline. note: there is no hard copy of this form.

2020年欧洲杯赛程表for additional information or for assistance contact usf health records at 815-740-3399, or visit the office on the second floor of tower hall, room s213.

Student Insurance Waiver Next Deadline:

  • September 04, 2020

How to Obtain Insurance Waiver?

  • Login to
  • Go to For Students on Left side of Page
  • Go to Tuition Bill Account Summary
    • Helpful Links
    • Student Insurance Waiver

How Often Do I have to Do Waiver?

  • The waiver must be completed every spring semester and every fall semester in order to avoid a charge for the school’s insurance on your tuition bill. Contact The Wellness Center for additional information.
  • The Wellness Center is located in Tower, Second Floor, Room S213, 815-740-3399, or e-mail healthservices@cannedhamm.com.
  • Please allow two business days for a copy of your health records. In compliance with privacy regulations, health records can only be given to students. Contact the Wellness Center for additional information at 815-740-3399.

When is the Insurance Waiver Offered?

  • Insurance waiver is offered at the beginning of fall and spring semester.
  • If students do not have their insurance information during registration and do not want the Student Insurance they need to complete the waiver process prior to the deadline.
  • If a student is working on acquiring private insurance he/she needs to provide USF Health Records proof of pre-coverage from the insurance company so it can be submitted to USF Insurance for approval (prior to the deadline). 
  • The approval period needs to be done prior to deadline. If proof of insurance cannot be produced by the deadline then the student must elect Student Insurance.

Please allow two business days for a copy of your health records. In compliance with privacy regulations, health records can only be given to students. Contact Health Records within the Wellness Center for additional information at 815-740-3399

Counseling Office
Motherhouse, Room 310 | 815-740-3713

If you are experiencing an emergency, call 911 or go to your nearest hospital. The Will County Crisis Line is also available 24/7, 365 days-a-year at 815-744-5280For other counseling needs, USF students are invited to contact the Counseling Center.

College students, in particular, are experiencing major changes in their lives. USF’s counselors are available to groups and individuals to help with issues including anxiety, depression, relationship problems, stress management, eating disorders and more. Services to help students deal with alcohol and drug-related problems are also available. As with any health need, it is best to seek these services early. Please review USF’s Student Optional Disclosure of Private Mental Health Information.

the counseling office is open 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. monday through friday. evening appointments are available upon request, and a counselor is also available for consultation in the event of immediate need after-hours. the department will refer individuals to providers outside the university if a specialist is needed.

Counseling Fees: Fees for services are not charged to registered students. When emergency care or hospitalization is required, arrangements will be made to transfer the client to a local hospital at the client’s expense. Alumni may also participate in counseling sessions for $45 per visit.